An overview about this web.


Aurora Studio established in May 2015 with a group of minecrafter. As a small group of passionate young, we produce and publish short films and game videos.

Minecraft Servers

Minecaft servers were were set up since 2014. for 3 yrs later, we now have 3 individual servers including modded and Vanilla Servers, and may combine to a Bungee Server in the future. Based on our independent server, we also provide hosting to our friends.


As a personal home page, this website contains hyperlinks in order to facilitate daily works, and may not be helpful to visitors.


To improve working and learning efficiency, some resources were attached on the page, and password is required for personal files.


To provide a space to discuss creative ideas and discussion of minecraft servers, we also have a forum available, click the link on top of the page to learn more.

Web & Programming

My friends and I collect and orginaze teacher's notes from Programming involved classes. Those resources should be used by students with learning purpose only and should not be published ovev public network without a permission from the teacher.